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GlobalCash Morocco

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For almost 20 years in Morocco and more than 40 years in France, the satisfaction of our partners and customers has been our daily life.


We have built our reputation on the notions of seriousness, competence and pragmatism. Global Cash has chosen to leverage this know-how by developing a new network of exchange offices, dedicated to Morocco.​

About Us

GlobalCash Maroc

You are a tourist, resident foreigner or Moroccan, GlobalCash provides the services, welcome and advice you expect with a more responsive response time than most market operators, opening hours adapted to your needs and confidentiality of transactions. All in compliance with moroccan legislation.​


GlobalCash adapts to the market at all times to guarantee you the best prices as well as the availability of currencies.



In case of specific needs, we offer you efficiency and a tailor-made service adapted to your request.​


Currency exchanges​

GlobalCash Maroc

The Personal Grant covers personal expenses for all types of travel abroad for:


* Moroccans residing in Morocco,

* Moroccans living abroad,

* foreigners residing in Morocco.​



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